Local info


The Seaside Villa Curacao is located on one of the most beautiful spots on Curacao. It’s a private hideaway just 10 minutes from Willemstad.

Curacao is also a true dive paradise. One of the 80 dive spots on the island is right in front of the house! The house is located right in front of the diving spot called “snake bay”. Don’t worry… no snakes. However there do live some morays along the diving spot. All kinds of tropical fish live around the house and with some luck you can even find the seahorse that lives around Snake Bay!

For snorkeling this is a beautiful place as well. Taking a snorkeling trip straight out of the bed is a daily routine for most guests

The house is situated right on Snake Bay, for some interesting information about the other diving spots you can take a look at www.curacao-actief.nl.

What to see and do


Mark Brown is the perfect diving instructor on Curacao. He will give you a once in a lifetime experience.


Local attractions

  • 10 minutes from Willemstad, 15 kilometers from the airport
  • Beautiful snorkling and diving opprtunities just from your private villa
  • Local beaches at just 2 kilometers (free access)
  • Tropical paradise all around